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Experience Ace is a leading professional agency in Singapore. With a team of highly respected, devoted and competition-tested trainers, we provide professional training & consultation services for organisations, educational institutions & Singapore schools, in the field of science, engineering & robotics.

Direct Partners

Experience Ace is the partner of mlabs to specialise in Aero-modelling, 3D printing and 3D scanning capabilities to the network of customers/clients across Singapore.  

SG100 Foundation
Experience Ace is in support of SG100 Foundation to provide newly created, in-house technology to further enhance the learning of technology in Singapore. 

Young Makers Technologies
Experience Ace is the Partner of Young Makers Technologies to nurture kids from the heart, to prepare future generations of Singaporeans with the heart and wisdom to take Singapore to new heights.

Hyper-Plane Innovations
Experience Ace has been appointed as the distributor for all innovative technology and electronics supplies across Singapore.

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TPCC Digital Making Interest Group
Experience Ace is the Partner of Digital Making Interest Group to create technology and connect people with each other through design and innovation.

The IoT Academy

The IoT Academy
Experience Ace is the Partner of The IoT Academy to provide affordable training with a customised curriculum that allows each individual student to develop logical thinking and problem-solving skill, an invaluable skill set for the future economy.


B.O.L.D Book
Experience Ace is the partner of B.O.L.D Book to which stands for “Be Outstanding, Living Our Dreams”, the book will feature bold Singaporeans who are daring enough to turn their dreams into reality. Their visions will inspire you and provoke some of you to be the next BOLD one.  

People's Association
Experience Ace is an appointed Private Operator of the People's Association since 2017, allowing Experience Ace to conduct robotics, coding and internet of things (IoT) courses in Community Clubs (CCs) and Residents' Committee (RC) Centres across Singapore.

Experience Ace is the partner of Zookal to create e-learning videos in related to robotics, technology and internet of things. The e-learning videos are created free of charge. Feel free to view them and stay tune for more e-learning videos !

Mental Connect

Mental Connect
Experience Ace is the Partner of Mental Connect where Mental Connect is a is a non-profit organization that focuses on connecting and facilitating the resources available in the ‘Mental Health’ and ‘Mental Wellness’ sector.


Experience Ace is the Partner of TrinityEco where TrinityEco is a sustainability tech company that developed Trivity which is a customisable regtech platform to make sustainability reporting easier, affordable and internationally credible.

Supporting Organisations
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Start of Year 2020 Speech

This year, I am proud to say that Experience Ace has achieved its goals that was planned earlier last year. In the the previous year, the organisation's performance was exceptionally good, reaching numerous notable milestones. We have been engaged in numerous projects in the field of robotics, IoT and coding.

We have always believed in grooming every individuals to their fullest potential. Although short failures & obstacles may be encountered along the way, but what is more important is that learning takes place!


On behalf on the organisation, I will like to extend my gratitude to all members of Experience Ace and our clients of various schools that they have shown the enthusiasm to have lifelong learning approach.

We want to inculcate proper passion and interest to every individuals so as to facilitate proper learning values. It will definitely be in good stead for everyone in the future as Singapore is moving to a Smart Nation.


Once again, I will like to wish everyone great health and prosperity.

With regards,
Dr Yang Chunzhu
Chief Executive Officer
Experience Ace

LEGO® Mindstorms ev3

(Designing Education)

Discover the ultimate LEGO® challenge: Powerful LEGO MINDSTORMS® EV3! LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 gives you the power to create and command your own robotic LEGO creatures, vehicles, machines and inventions! 

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